Logitech Inverted Pedal Holder Support

The new AeronSim inverted pedal support has been created to meet the needs of those who are fed up with the usual position of the pedals or simply want to mount the pedals. The position of the pedals in an inverted way totally changes the feeleng and the simulation experience and according to many it absolutely improves the performance.



The Pedalboard stand is adjustable in angle, and scrolling. This element allows you to find the most comfortable and ideal position of the pilot compared to any other simulator on the market. The plate is equipped with slots for fixing the Logitech pedals, in an untruthful way

By mounting this pedal support on our driving position you will not have any worries about your future purchases. We guarantee maximum resistance and stability, with Zero push-ups both as regards the AeronSim driving position and as regards the pedal support.


  • Thickness 4mm.
  • Horizontal slots for pedal adjustment (front and rear).
  • Vertical holes to adjust the inclination of the pedals.
  • Made with high efficiency Laser Cutting of the latest generation.
  • Designed to be directly mounted on the basis of the AeronSim Evo3 Driving Station and adaptable to any driving position on the market.
  • 100% metal.
  • WHITE powder coating: we guarantee corrosion protection and both thermal and electrical insulation with this special coating.
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY