R5 Sequential Gearbox (XBOX & Logitech)


If you are buying the first Aeron Sim accessory for consoles you will need the control unit, while if you are buying the second accessory you will not need the control unit as it will be connected directly to the control unit of the first accessory in your possession.

In case the product with control unit was purchased before October 2021 we advise you to buy this adapter

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The R5 Sequential Gearbox was created for Logitech steering wheels (for XBOX ONE & Series X/S) allows you to immerse yourself even more in the latest games such as Dirt2.0, DirtRally, Wrc8 , Wrc 7 intended for XBOX and PC.

Add our accessory to your steering wheel to complete the racing system and have a more realistic experience.

N.B. the device works only and exclusively in games that support changing the assignment of the Shift keys to H.
Connection type: Connector to be inserted into the port (thrusrmaster gearbox) under the steering wheel that will replace the TH8A gearbox.

Very useful for those looking for an accessory to mount on their desk or on their driving position.

Intended use for rally simulators/games.

  • STIFFNESS, GRAFTING, STRENGTH…These are the key words for this new creation, a real project born from the passion for racing cars and in particular for the historic Clio group A, the new CS3 gearbox compared to the CS2 version has been improved giving AN INCREDIBLE feeling of gear engagement and robustness.
  • HIGH QUALITY OF EXTERNAL VISUAL DETAILS: Thanks to our collaborators we are able to obtain a perfect product in terms of design and quality of the materials used…A unique design that faithfully replicates the famous Clio Group A Sequential Gearbox.
  • Main material Metal, No plastic and derivatives.
  • SPECIAL PAINTING: The workpieces are covered with paint powder based on synthetic resins, which adheres by electrostatic effect. The thickness of the painted layer achievable with this technology is far greater than that obtainable with liquid paint, and the mechanical characteristics (hardness, elasticity) can be very high.
  • It can be used mainly on PC, but also on PS4 or Ps3 thanks to our company Aeron Simulator Srls that makes changes on steering wheels such as logitech g29, g27. Intended use for rally simulators/games such as RBR, REALRALLY, RBR-WORLD, DIRT RALLY, LOEB EVO, IRACING, ASSETTO CORSA, GT, etc.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • MEASUREMENTS: BASE 22cm x 8cm c.a / HEIGHT 55cm c.a



HOW DO I FIX IT ON MY WORKSTATION? To have a perfect anchorage we have created for you the supports necessary for the correct functioning of our accessories:


  • Made in Italy, most of our AeronSim products are handmade and shipping times vary between 7/15 working days.